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Chateau Bučovice

Chateau Bučovice

The building was commissioned and financed by Jan Sembera Cernohorsky of Boskovice, who was a highly educated man and one of the richest Moravian aristocrats of his time. He studied in Italy and Vienna, boasted high court titles and was known as a lover of worldy entertainment, a connoisseur of horses, an excellent rider and a great supporter of art. Thanks to his education and wealth he was able to commission the building and decoration of the chateau from the best artists, so that the whole four-winged chateau with three arcade storeys and a designed garden could perfectly represent the status of Jan Sembera and his family.

Maximilian von Liechtenstein married Jan's beautiful daughter Catherine, and the marriage gained also him the demesne. Between 1635 and 1637 he initiated the erection of a wonderful mannerist stone fountain, carried out by Pietro Materna, who followed the design of  Giovanni Giacomo Tencalla. Maximilian also ordered the construction of four corner to wers with metal lanterns on top, but the lanterns turned out to be too heavy and had to be gradually taken down from the towers.

The chateau proved its quality as a fortress in 1645 when a handful of establishment officials, huntsmen and burghers managed to defend it against a large Swedish division.

From 1681 the chateau ceased to be the residence of aristocracy and became the administrative centre of the demesne. In 1720 it became the central accounting department of the Liechtensteins. Since then no significant reconstructions or adaptations have disrupted the Italian renaissance character of the chateau.

Quelle: http://www.zamek-bucovice.cz/en/

Object: Building
Type: Chateau
Country: Czech Republic
State/region: South Moravian Region

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